Walkthrough and tips for playing Teen Titans go game

Teen Titans go game remind us our childhood days as most of us love to watch this series and loves its funny characters. Because of this, developers try to bring this tv show on Xbox, PlayStation and your Android mobile phone in the form of a game.

teen titans go games

Players can relive their childhood through this game plus now they can make the characters to do the things they like. So, here is the guide:

  • The mode chip: Many players use to use mode chip in a wrong way. They use it in figures due to which they get stuck there plus it will destroy the characters when someone removes it. So, always take care of such things and avoid making any mistakes in the game that will cost you.
  • While you are playing the game on one device and want to switch it to another device, then it is better to choose the exit option mentioned in the main menu. Through this, you will not be able to continue your game on the other devices. You have to start it from the beginning.
  • Players can move in any direction just by swiping and tapping on the place where you want your figure to go. If you want Robin to run automatically, then just go to the open store and tap on it. You will no longer need to guide your figure in the game and its move on their own.
  • If you want to save travel time, then do not forget to unwrap the manhole. After it, when you tap or click on any manhole the other manholes will be open automatically.
  • You can shop figures in the game, and it is better to toss them to get the figures in the back.
  • Events and flash sales are available in the game for only a few minutes to hours. An exclamation point will indicate this and when you see the then check out them and play them.
  • Coins are useful and required for buying and upgrading stuff in the games. Well, you can get then without any efforts. On the map, when you see sparkly spots then click on it, and you will receive coins.
  • Many players just avoid mystery figures, but I suggest you go for them as it offers fun to the players. I know it required cash, but there is no loss in using spare cash.
  • It is possible to improve your figures abilities, but it can be only possible when you clear first five levels to activate these abilities.
  • Missions in the game are indicated by a purple star. You will see this on the map and it indicates the things you have to do in the mission.

Teen titans go games are easy to play but this easy gameplay let players to enjoy the game. Just pay attention to small signs and stars. These simple tips will make your game more enjoyable and in no time you will become addictive to it.

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